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On a recent episode of The Honest Drink Podcast, we discussed whether or not there’d ever be an Asian President in the Oval Office one day. …


It feels like one can’t walk a block within the Former French Concession in Shanghai without stumbling past a new “Asian fusion” restaurant these days. Some of these are heralded as creations from Michelin star chefs, whereas others are run by plaid-wearing aiyi’s who spelled the word “fusion” wrong.


And whose fault is it?

In the year 2018, over 66 million men in the United States declared themselves as fathers to at least one biological child. However, just over 1 in 3 of those men declared that they live with or spend significant times with the children. There’s a…

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As she got down on her knees she tucked on my briefs. A gentle tuck, not a yank. A million thoughts ran through my head, which required blood to flow to my brain. “Damn it blood, you’re flowing to the wrong head.” Do I stop her? I knew I wasn’t…

The biggest failure of China’s “navy” in 1850. @Wikipedia

Believe it or not, China has actually had a very historically open mind to drugs. Hashish has been grown domestically since the early days of BC, specifically in the Yunnan and Gansu regions, and was widely used up until the 17th and 18th centuries. Other drugs, including light hallucinates and…


Asian countries have a long history with the pen, or in this case — the brush. Oracle bones in China date back 3,500 years, and even newer civilizations like Japan can date back the written word to the 2nd century BC. The Chinese, in particular have given the world dozens…


Almost 40 years after Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury first emerged on the big screen in 1972, we are yet to find anyone even remotely similar to him — and that’s a big fucking problem. As evidenced by Quentin Tarantino’s recent scuffle with Bruce truthers in his latest blockbuster, Once…


The 2020’s will mark the 8th decade of her life, and hopefully no where near her last. To set the scene, NaiNai (as I call her) better known as Lao Shao (as her girlfriends call her) is a stubborn old woman in her late 70’s who rages on in her…

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Oh thy spices combined with heat
Slathered inside legumes, dripping from the meats.
Thy aroma reaches the stones of the Great Wall
Raise the banners, beat the drums
Announce the greatest arrival.

Few can combine peanuts with chives
Pepper and oyster sauces, but your broth is the prize.
The long lines lets…


A flashbulb memory is a psychological term for a memory that shines brightly in someone’s mind like a flash on a camera. These memories are usually incredibly short in time and non-sequential, similar to a snapshot. They don’t paint the whole picture, but rather are a frozen moment in time…


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